François Strauss

Hémicaténanes d'ADN

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Interactions protéine HMGB1 - boucles d'ADN hémicaténées

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Structures d'ADN multibrins

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La protéine Ku, interactions avec l'ADN

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Protéines spécifiques de séquences d'ADN simple brin

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Protéines à homéodomaines

Flavin, M., Saint-Jeannet, J.-P., Duprat, A.-M., and Strauss, F. (1995)

115 kDa protein from Xenopus laevis embryos recognized by antibodies directed against the Xenopus homeoprotein XlHbox 1.

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Techniques de l'ADN

Millet, A., Strauss, F., and Delagoutte, E. (2015)

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Eliminating DNA loss and denaturation during storage in plastic microtubes.

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Avoiding adsorption of DNA to polypropylene tubes and denaturation of short DNA fragments.

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Ethanol precipitation of DNA with linear polyacrylamide as carrier.

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Avant 1988

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